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91 Cadillac Deville Touring Sedan Intermittent Wiper Delay

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The first step when troubleshooting this should be to extract the codes. If you are lucky, there will be a code pointing to the faulty circuit. You do not need any code reader to do this. With the ignition on (engine could be running or not, does not matter), simultaneously push and hold [OFF] and [WARMER] (the red button) on your climate control for a couple of seconds. Then all segments of the displays and all warning lights will illuminate for a couple of seconds, and then any codes will be displayed. Write them down and post here. To get out of the diagnosis mode, you can shut off the ignition, or push [OFF] a few times (each time you press [OFF] you will go up one level in the diagnosis mode, eventually exiting it), or you can push the [RECIRCULATE] button (the one with two arrows forming a circle), which will immediately exit the diagnosis mode. That is at least how it works on my '97, not sure if the recirculate button works on yours too, but I guess it would. I am pretty sure about how the rest works, since that was the same on my '88. When in diagnosis mode, [FAN UP] means YES, and [FAN DOWN] means NO. It may be possible to go into various menus with override parameters and even programming options in the PCM, and it is possible to permanently damage the PCM if it is set incorrectly, but to do this, you would have to go down into the menu system and start setting things (at least on my '97). Just a word of caution before you start exploring the system too much without knowing what things mean. However, there should NOT be any risk if you just check the codes. And if you ever enter a menu and do not know what to do, just shut of the ignition to exit the system. Checking codes like this is a very convenient feature on these cars!

You can also check this link, with descriptions on how to read codes: http://www.caddyinfo.com/readingcodes.html

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There is a detailed troubleshooting chart in the shop manuals that cover this problem. Hopefully, someone with a 91 shop manual can post the information.

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