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New user, looking for 2002 seville data

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Hi all, I am new. Looking for some of your vast experiences with the sweet cadillac mobiles. As the topic title displays, my 2002 seville sts, is throwing a check tranny fault. Transmission was recently rebuilt and is still on warranty. Using a low end obd-II reader i am told it is a PO410$10 (Secondary Air Injection System). Whats that, and how do I economically rectify it? Thanks in advance for any, and all responses.

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A secondary air injection system fault is not a transmission code.

With the ignition in the run position, simultaneously press and hold the ON/OFF and INFO UP buttons on the dash. The system will enter diagnostics mode by testing the display segments and then ALL? will be displayed. Press the ON/OFF to display the trouble codes and post them back here. In the diagnostics mode, the info up/dn is used to scroll through the parameters, INFO RESET is used to say "no" and ON/OFF is used to say "yes" to the system. Repeatedly press the INFO RESET to exit diagnostics or turn the ignition off.

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