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Cutout or miss at 4000 rpm for a 93 Eldorado TC solved.


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After 4 years of problems with cutout or miss at around 4000 rpm the problem

disappeared after changing the crank sensors. That was nearly the last things

that could be changed except cam sensor and knock sensor.

No PCM error code at all pointing in this direction. I have changed and tested

everything else like fuel pump, filter, pressure regulator, PCM, TPS and MAP

together with a new ignition module and cables and ignition coils.

The reason for waiting with changing the crank sensors was that it seemed like

very tricky job but it was not when I started: I simply removed oil filter

and its adapter and then it was very easy.

I am writing this to just tell people that the early PCMs are limited in

diagnosing some faults.

Jan Linderholm.

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