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New to the forum,98 STS-Smell Coolant

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Hello folks,im new to this forum and new to owning a Cadillac as well.I just bout my STS about a month ago and love it,it rides great and looks just as good.

But my question is,since I got the car it has overheated 1 time,we immediately changed the termostat and its run great for about 3 weeks now.Still no overheating but I smell anti freese some times when I ride with the windows down and its not leaking that I can tell.Ive researched it and I keep seein blown head gasket but its not over heating,no water in the oil and it does not smoke at all.

Any ideas what it could be would be greatly appreciated

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If you smell coolant, there is an external leak. A cooling system pressure tester would reveal the leak.

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