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2001 sls. all brain boxes spaz out at a stop light.

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This is strange.

While holding the brake pedal at a stoplight. After 10 to 15 seconds. The traction control and security light come on. Then the radio, air conditioner, and everything else cut off. When I let off they all come back on.

Basically every brain loses its data connection. Here's the etc codes.

Abs c1246 current, u1300

Amp u1300

Ddm u1300, b3832 current, b3833 current

Dim b1324, b1805, b1983, b2512, u1255, u1065, u1016, u1066, u1300

Ipc u1300

Ipm u1300

Irc u1300

Msm b2375 current, u1305, u1160

Pcm u1300

Rfa u1300

Rim u1160, u1065

Sdm u1300

Ttm u1300

Vtd u1004, u1016, u1000

Whew, these codes can be cleared, scepticism for the abs c1246, but come back after my described problem. It doesn't happen if I'm in park.

I've tried measuring voltage while it happens and all is good, I've pulled both abs fuses and the problem persists.

I'm kind of stuck here. The car runs fine even after it spazes out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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sounds like a low voltage problem. When you are idling in gear with the brake pressed you have alot of electrical with low engine idle. I would check the voltage at idle in gear with loads on.

Check your battery and connections also


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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