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'98 ETC 4 Wheel Alignment Report


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Below is a link for the 4 Wheel Alignment Report mailed to me by the dealer after I called to request a copy. I'm wondering what others think about this report, if anything, because I've never before received a computerized alignment report without my personal or vehicle info preprinted on it. To me it appears as if it's a "Sample Report" with minimal handwritten info (key tag # T5709, "98 eldo" & RO 253234) to indicate the alignment relates to & was performed on my car.

I'd appreciate any and all thoughts about the report.....for all I know this is common for computerized alignment reports. Thanks!

<img src="http://i1066.photobu...af/3575f674.jpg" border="0" alt="4 Wheel Alignment Report"></a>

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This looks like something done by a jobber (automotive service wholesaler) for the dealer, rather than at the dealership itself. A lot of dealers use jobbers for sensitive or skilled labor if they don't have enough volume of work of that type to keep a dedicated employee trained in that skill full-time. You might ask where this work was done.

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Thanks Jim - I'll definitely ask them about it......it never crossed my mind but there's a good chance they used a "jobber" because the entire dealership is in the midst of being remodeled.

The other reason I asked for input on the report was because a few weeks after the alignment was done the dealer sent a postcard advising their technicians identified a maintenance issue & a repair issue during my recent service visit. The recommended maintenance issue was an alignment, which had me wondering whether or not it was actually done.

Thanks again for your input.......definitely appreciate it.

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