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Eldorado rear ride heigth

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Hay Ya'll

My air line kit from rockauto came in today will install tommorow. What is the ride height at the rear end? Have notice at a good flat parking lot that the rear currently sits a little heigher than the front. the rear is bouncy over these fine NC roads so am hoping to settle down the rear with some air in the shocks!!!!!


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According to the 1997 model year FSM, pages 3-11 (Trim Height Specifications table) and the diagram on page 3-14, the bottom of the fender opening above the rear wheel center line should be 709 mm (27.91 inches) above the ground, give or take 10 mm (0.4 inches). The same spec for the front is 715 mm (28.15 inches).

This is based on the tires being the OEM size (225/60R16) and not worn bald, and having 30 psi in them. The surface must be level and flat to get a good measurement. No one should be in the car. Bounce the car a couple of times to remove any stiction in the shocks or suspension. You should check both sides; the numbers side-to-side should be within 12 mm (0.5 inches).

With the load leveler, a reasonable amount of stuff in the trunk shouldn't make any difference in checking to see if everything is OK, but I would run the engine at idle and shut it off just before I made the measurement to make sure that the rear load leveling was engaged just before the measurement. If your rear shocks have less than 50,000 miles on them you probably don't need to start the car because the air system probably doesn't leak down. But, don't shut it off for an hour, take a load of golf clubs out of the trunk, then measure the rear height.

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ok`ya'll have fixed this little problem, cleaned the connections on air pump an all is good!!!! :yupi3ti:

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