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94 eldorado struts

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My 1994 Eldorado base has been given a death sentence by way of head stud failure. With that said I'm looking to get thru one more n.y. winter.

The front struts are bad and I need to know if there is a physicaly matching strut from another year caddy, or other gm car that will bolt in.

The service ride control warning is not a concern as I'll only be in the vehicle for a short time.

I know that arnot struts are available but 300$ for the pair is more than I need to spend.

Will say...92-93 non electronic struts bolt in??

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Check out rockauto.com they have several opptions.

Be Safe

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Rock Auto is reliable.

Monroe shocks & struts are OEM replacements; check with Monroe for the right part numbers for your car.

Arnott shocks and struts provide low-cost replacement parts but the electrical connectors are all to resistors.

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