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Cadillac Escalade in the UAE

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Here in the Middle East, nothing, absolutely nothing comes even close to matching the appeal of a full-sized SUV. Your garage, even if it's crammed with exotic supercars and high-end luxury saloons will be deemed incomplete if it doesn't have at least one of these mighty trucks parked in there.

If supercars satisfy your need to be noticed and heard, SUVs do that and then give you that feeling of omnipotence when you lord over the fast lane watching lesser rides making way for you without you even trying. As a super-sized luxury SUV that gets you all the attention and respect you crave, the Cadillac Escalade, with its colossal road presence, chromed finery and the massive V8 lump under the bonnet, has enjoyed quite an enviable spot in this market. With the 2012 version of this behemoth launched here, I had a taste of this ‘high' life for a few days last week.


Read More: http://gulfnews.com/...alade-1.1017518

At a price of Dh255,000 (base) the Escalade starts at around US$70K in the UAE, surprisingly close to the US starting price of US$63K.

If Cadillac could learn the talent of selling in overseas markets for 20% less than in their home market they would have to open new factories to make enough of them.


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