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"Rattling" only on right turns


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I have a 1994 STS which has a rattling sound when above 10 or 15 miles per hour and making a tight turn. Both CV joints were replaced and the sound is exactly the same.

Does anyone have any guesses as to what might be making this sound?

It doesn't sound like the traditional 4 banger sound when the CV joint is the culprit, the clicking sound. It sounds more like a rattle.

The car handles and turns just fine - but the rattling sound makes the car sound like a beater when in fact it is a really nice car in and out.

Hope someone has some ideas!

Thanks for reading,


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Is more like a scraping, pinging noise? How is your starter working?

I had this problem and it ended up being that the starter gear was floating and contancting the flywheel on right turns. I posted some infor here a while back. Search the archives.

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OK, I'm slightly PO'd about this. I took the car to my mechanic and they said it sounded like the halfshaft (CV joint) and I told them if they are replacing one, go ahead and do them both.

When they were done, the clicking was still there. It happens only when making right turns above 10 or 15MPH. It sounds like the card in the spokes of a bicycle.

They seem to think it is the differential (yack).... yet the car runs/drives perfectly. Accelerations is without noise in a straight line and scalding. Turn in is on a dime.

2 to 3K to replace the differential!!!


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Looks like my post was in the "other" forum:


An easy way to tell if the noise is due to the starter is to turn the engine off while makeing a right turn. It is best to do this in an empty parking lot as you will lose power steering.

If it is the starter the noise will stop once the flywheel stops spinning.





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A hub-bearing assembly is about $100 and 30 minutes work . It it does not fix the problem it does not hurt to have it replaced on a car of that high mileage. Besides, there is a wheel speed sensor which can get to close to the toothed sensor ring (because of bad hub bearing) and make the noise you described. Just remove the LEFT front wheel and look at the sensor. If it looks shaved - you know what to do. The starter is another possibility. Forget the differencial until you check all other possibilities.

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