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Hi, question on dyeing leahter a darker colour


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Hello, all. I recently acquired a wood and leather steering wheel from an auction on EBAY and the colour of the leather is a medium grey. My interior on the '97 deVille is done in Montana blue - the paddles on the sides of the steering wheel are black with white lettering so no change there.

I need to change the colour on the leather inserts from dark gey to Montana blue to match. Has anyone tried a product called "Leather Magic"? They claim they can match the factory colour on GM vehicles and have a restoration/colour changing kit for DIYers around $40.00 American.

Or conversely, has anyone used their trusty shoemaker or local furniture building store to do this delicate task (dye a piece of leather to match existing, whether on house furniture or car)??

Please advise,,,,,

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Most body shops can also dye the leather for you and since they have the color codes, they can do it accurately.

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