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The other day my 2010 CTS wagon experienced some problems. After a hard stop in the snow (abs engaged), I got warning bells and messages saying my ABS, AWD, power steering and traction control were out. After coming to a stop light I turned off the car, waited about 30 seconds and turned it back on. All systems were up and running normally. Has this happened to anyone else? Is this a big problem? Thanks!

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That's pretty odd...

I think I would just chalk it up to a one time glitch... unless it happens again.

Then take it to the dealer and see what codes it set and why...

Thanks, thats kind of what I was thinking... computer weirdness of some sort.


I have had a couple of things happen to my DTS in the last few years.

One time the lights in the door would not go out when we got in the car.

They stayed on for the whole 45 minutes we were driving.

Got out at the restaurant to eat dinner... came back to the car and they worked properly.

Never has done it since... I don't have a "CLUE" what caused it.. :D :D

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