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EGR Valve Part Numbers Needed


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Hi Everyone!

My '95 Eldo is intermitently flashing a P036 code, which is the EGR Valve Pintle position being out of range when it occurs. I know what the procedure is for checking and cleaning it, but I need some part numbers. Before I pull the EGR off to clean it, I want to have a new gasket in my possesion. I am 'old' school when it comes to gasket replacement :lol: , plus, it happens to me all to often that I perform a job that involves a gasket, and everything goes perfectly smooth, except for the gasket is so nerfed that the car sits there until I can get a new one ;) . SO, via lessons learned....Buy new gasket BEFORE starting job :D . My little part number book doesn't cover all of the engine components :( , so, in short I need: Part Number for EGR Valve GASKET and, JUST IN CASE I need to replace the EGR valve itself, EGR Valve Part Number. If anyone can help, MANY THANKS in Advance.

Eldoetc95 :)

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