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Great day today!!!

Eldorado Bob

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hey everybody, i haven't posted in a while, my last post was on the old board....anyway, my eldo had been running horrible, so on the advice from many on the board, i changed the plugs & wires (i used all AC Delco parts)..i was hoping this would fix the problem, as i didn't want to start a parts changing party...well, as i had hoped, she is running like a new car, no more stumbling, no more popping through the exhaust....feels great to drive her again...as a bonus, while i was in the driveway working, my neighbor drives up and tells me he just bought a 99 eldorado because he always admired mine when he saw it..i told him it was the best move he could have made...then he says it had vogue tires on it, and he preferred BF Goodrich, so he changed them, and asked if i wanted the vogues...i said YES!!! turns out they are practically new and are the z rated vogues with the new style tread (supposedly a much better tire)..now i know many guys here do not like vogues, but it sure made my day...i'm having them installed tomorrow!!!! WOO HOO!!!

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