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I'm new to this forum and own a 93 Allante. I wanted to know if anyone has access to a 93 allante database that would give me an understanding of how many cars had what set of options. I believe that mine is a rare-y in that it has what I believe were all options available (red metallic paint, hard top, digital dash, chrome wheels). I have done one of the free VIN checks on the net but it just gives the number of cars with any one option, not the list of options on top of options

Any assistance greatly appreciated.

Have a good one

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Try the Compnine.com VIN info? It has that type info for a variety of vehicles, showing every option on your car and how many other cars had each, and how many had all


Example VIN 1G6VS339XPU100222 Rarity...

There are 1 1993 ALLANTE vehicles (0.021%) matching your exact options list. There are 4 (0.086%) with at least as many options.


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Thanks for your reply. Yes I have used that site. The problem is that it doesn't necessarily give how many cars had a certain combination of options. For example, 500 cars might have option 1 and 500 cars have option 2 but there might be just 1 car with both options.

But that website is a great overall source of info


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