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Replacing common bulbs on a '03 CTS

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Howdy guys!

First time poster here but long-time Caddy fan (currently own a '03 CTS) checking in with a concise write-up on how to replace common bulbs on a '03 CTS :D Feel free to supplement the procedure with any kernels of wisdom!

To replace the tail, stop, turn signal or side-marker bulbs I used the following procedure:

1. Open the trunk using the trunk button on the remote

keyless entry transmitter or the trunk release button

located on the lower part of the driver's door.

2. Remove the compact spare tire cover by turning the

wing nut counterclockwise.

3. Remove the four convenience net wing nuts.

4. Pull the carpet back away from the body of the

vehicle on the side with the burned out bulb.

5. Remove the two mounting screws from the

lamp assembly.

6. Pull out the lamp assembly to expose the

bulb sockets.

7. Turn the bulb socket one-quarter turn

counterclockwise and pull the bulb and socket out

of the lamp reflector.

8. Pull the old bulb from the bulb socket keeping the

bulb straight as you pull it out.

9. Install a new bulb.

10. Reverse the steps to reinstall the lamp assembly.

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