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'99 DeVille - Door repair or replacement

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Hi all. I am brand new here. I just bought my 3rd caddy the other day. I got a great deal on '99 DeVille. However, there is a big dent on the passenger rear door and a decent one on the trunk. ALso some of the moulding is bad. Any ideas on how to replace the doors or where to find them? When I do online searches I usually get descriptions with no pics and most don't match the official color options Caddy has. For instance I have I believe Shale Grey. One wrecker lists the door he has as "grey". There are many colors close to grey in Caddy's colors. ANybody know any real good sites for part info and purchases. Also my stereo tape doesn't work. Thanks all!

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The silver for the 1999 Deville was new for that year. So, you'll have to find a 1999 model to match paint. I have replaced the right rear with a junk yard door same color. And, I have had the other rear door repaired. Replacement door I installed cost me $275. The body shop repair was $1400 although not out of my pocket. For the replacement, I modified my large floor jack pad by drilling two holes in it. I lag screwed a thick chuck of wood to it. Then, through the bottom of the door I attached the base of the door to the wooden piece. This way, I could maneuver the door without strain. I tried removing all the inner door workings but gave up on that idea. I had to snake the wiring harness through the door of course. But, the switch furthest from the hinges was impossible to disconnect. I ended up snipping the wires and reconnecting. Alignment was guesswork and it just happened to match upon the 15th trial. Good luck.

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Try car-part.com

you can email or call places on there and if there wasnt enough info listed they can fill you in when you inquire.

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Thanks for the help all. I'm looking to get a door from a junk yard. Just want a color match so I don' have to repaint. Also need to figure hopw to remove the canvas top from the door and reattach. UGHHH!

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