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Flywheel Holder


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You can make one very easily. I did when I repaired the engine on my STS about 5 years ago. Use a crayon and a piece of paper to transfer the gear pattern from the flywheel to the paper. Use that as a template to cut the tooth pattern in a piece of 1" wide steel.

Take a piece of steel and drill/mill the hole and slot to match with the hole pattern in the oil an to trans brace.

Hold the toothed piece you fabricated earlier against the flywheel and against the piece moubted on the oil pan to trans. support and mark the toothed piece in both directions.

Cut the toothed piece and align it against the mounting piece; mig weld the toothed piece to the mounting piece and you will have a copy of the Kent (spent) Moore tool for less than a dollar vs $200.00 + ....

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