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Blog Post: Sensible Sedan Shopping @Chevrolet with @Gurdonark

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I went this morning with @Gurdonark sensible sedan shopping.  He has a long daily commute to work, and needs a large compact or small midsize sedan for a daily driver.  He had already tested the Ford Fusion. I offered to drive, since this was also a great excuse for a day out in my Cadillac [...]

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Thanks for the memories, Bruce.

Chevrolet shopping aside, breakfast (or brunch or lunch) at Tony's is always good food and a pleasant experience. The experience part might be clouded by the wait-times on Sat. and Sun.

The choker was the Dickey's BBQ picture. To date (12+ years), I have not found a restuarant in GA (or east of the Mississippi) that can do justice to TX style brisket. Or sauce.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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