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Ok, I will try to make this as eloquent as possible. I bought my 06 CTS used from a dealer. It came with HID lights installed which led me to believe that they came with the car. They did not. The previous owner did an HID conversion. Recently, the driver's side bulb went out. Ignorantly, I bought the stock HID bulb for my car from Pep Boys, not knowing that it wouldn't fit until I brought it to a shop and they told me.

The problem lies in the make of the Conversion kit. It's made by a company called Rikensport, which from my research, appears to not be in business anymore... My two questions are:

1. Can I just replace the current HID setup with regular non-HID stock cadillac bulbs in a plug and play fashion?

2. Can I just swap this HID conversion out with a current and supported one?

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If you can find out the bulb number...There should be numerous sources where you can buy just the bulb...

Looks like that would be the easiest thing to do...

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