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Well, it's not in my 08 manual.

I found the horns behind the bumper cover on the drivers side. I unplugged so that I could search out the relay by listening while wife pushed horn on and off. It is in the vicinity of the under hood fuse/relay box on the passenger side. IT IS NOT IN THE RELAY BOX LIKE LOGIC WOULD TELL YOU. I can not locate it but the 15AMP fuse I have found to be post relay which I find odd. What if I spliced off of that circuit and out to a universal 30 amp relay. Any guesses on time delay between stock horns sounding and the added 4 sounding? I'd be curious as to any data on time it takes one of those relays to connect when 85 and 86 are powered.

Caddy_Grill.jpg2008 DTS
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