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Brake bypass to watch DVDs while driving


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I know y'all gone think it's dumb to downgrade but I got a perfectly good explanation!!!

I have a pioneer avh-p4200dvd but I'm trading it plus 600$ for a set of 15" swangas so I'm jumping on that..

But I need a diagram or something with detailed instructions on how to install my ssl single din sd712b all the way down to my 6x9s and to watch DVDs while driving in my 95 sedan deville, any help would be appreciated

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"Downgrading" is not why this is considered dumb. "Watching DVD's while driving" IS. Aren't there enough distracted drivers on the road texting while driving? PLEASE reconsider, for your safety, your passengers, as well as those unsuspecting drivers who have to share the road with you.

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Well it's so my wife can be entertained in the front seat and I can hook up my headrest screen to my indash like how I had it with my pioneer! I drive safe and I agree wit u 100%, it's just that we drive to the next town like every other day and it's just nice to have a peaceful ride when everyone is quiet !!

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Just buy the wiring harnesses and mounting brackets and plug it in. You dont know how to hook up 6x9s either? Just get + on + and - on -. For a parking brake bypass look them up on ebay, I think they are $40 and have instructions on how to hook up. If you cant handle a stereo install youll have to take it somewhere. I learned when I was 16 and have done 100s since its not tough. Its easier than changing wheels. If you want videos go on youtube, there are videos on how to do lots of things to cars now. And no I dont condone it, but you will find a way to do it anyway so good luck.

Side advice, dont spend all your money on wheels and stereos driving a mid 90s deville. Have a stack or 2 on the side for upcoming repairs or you wont be watching DVDs or driving at all.

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