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PCM P0113


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Hello wondering if anyone can give me there opinion, I have a 2001 SLS problem I have is engin light on and code PCM P0113, now with that being said my car is not starting now well its starts and shuts down, I did notice where the sensor is the connector seems to be expose wiring, will this stall my car due to the lack of air flow to the engine

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OBD II Fault Code

  • OBD II P0113

Fault Code Definition

The Intake Air Temperature Sensor converts the air temperature into a voltage that is high when the Intake Air is cold and low as the engine warms up. P0113 indicates a high voltage input from the Intake Air Temperature to the Power Train Control Module.


  • Check Engine Light will illuminate
  • In many cases, no abnormal symptoms may be noticed
  • In some cases, the engine may be hard starting and/or get poor fuel economy

Common Problems That Trigger the P0113 Code

  • Defective Intake Air Temperature Sensor
  • Dirty air filter
  • Defective Mass Air Flow Sensor
  • Faulty or corroded Intake Air Temperature wiring or connections

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Thanks that was helpful I will keep intouch if every thing comes out ok cause right now its running like brand new but I have to re wire the connector and hopefuly this will solve my issue

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