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Hello all, I just recently purchased a 1994 Caddy Deville 4.9 and am having some difficulties. I have replaced the instrument cluster, the ignition switch, the spark plugs, wires, rotor and cap. I have pulled the codes and they are as follows: P052 History, I032 Current, I052 History, No ACP codes, No SIR codes, No TCS data, PCM?. The 30A ELC (Electronic Leveling Control) fuse keeps blowing, one of the cooling fans has been hard wired in and starts the second you turn the ignition to "on", and the car feels like it is being fuel starved after it has warmed up. What I mean by this is that I let the engine warm up and drive to the store no problem but when I go back out to the car and start it up to head for home it starts to "pulse" on initial acceleration and when I am cruising and barely have my foot on the gas. Help please. My biggest concerns are what does PCM? mean and what is up with the "pulsing" or "surging"? How do I correct these issues? Any help would be of great assistance. Also how do you reset the history codes? I have had the battery unhooked overnight before and the codes won't clear.

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remove the vac line from the fuel pressure valve. If you find fuel thee, it needs replacement. Sometimes you don't see fuel. See if it holds vac with a mighty vac tool etc. if it does not hold vac, replace.

Best idea is to invest in a OEM service manual and get to know the systems. ebay sells them. it will save you alot in the long run and help you communicate better with the members.

check for vac leaks, timing OK?, throttle body and egr valve clean, pcv valve?


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