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dtc error codes help


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i am having a multitude of problems with my 1993 deville. it woulodn;t shift, 2 mechanics said the tranny needed to be replaced. i pulled the codes, replaced the VSS and suddenly all was fine. 1 week and 600 miles later it wont shift again. i pulled the codes again and here they are. E 12, E 24, E 52, E 53, E 55, E 75, E 91, and E 98. i just had replaced the VSS last week. when i look at the error codes they all seem related to the VSS ( E 24, E 75 ) or distributor signal interupt ( E 12 , E 53 ) E 91 and E 98 are new from last week but i;m at a loss of what to try next. any help/ insight/ direction would be appreciated greatly. i need the car to run for work and am in a jamb thanks in advance - tedro928

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Does your speedometer work? Does it ever just drop toward 0 or not stay steady?

I had similar tranny problem (E24, E75 codes). It was intermittent for years and one day the tranny just stopped shifting. I replaced the VSS and it worked for a few weeks and then stopped shifting and the speedo went haywire.

The problem was in the wiring. The pair of wires exiting the VSS connector had overheated (the wires run near the exhaust pipe) and insulation between the two wires broke down. I pulled the wires apart, applied liquid insulation and little tape and the problem never came back.

good luck

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