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  1. I am entering this just to close the post. Amazing what happens you follow the FSM verbatim. I did everthing before except - disconnect the battery terminal. Disconnected battery (resets the PCM) then perform TPS/Idle learn. all is good.
  2. Does your speedometer work? Does it ever just drop toward 0 or not stay steady? I had similar tranny problem (E24, E75 codes). It was intermittent for years and one day the tranny just stopped shifting. I replaced the VSS and it worked for a few weeks and then stopped shifting and the speedo went haywire. The problem was in the wiring. The pair of wires exiting the VSS connector had overheated (the wires run near the exhaust pipe) and insulation between the two wires broke down. I pulled the wires apart, applied liquid insulation and little tape and the problem never came back. good luck
  3. I am trying to follow the diagnostic for code E85 out of the FSM. I suppose "remove the ISC jumper" could simply mean remove the electrical connection to the ISC. I can't find any other reference to ISC jumper. TB is clean ISC activates and moves My next plan was to reset the base angle per the FSM
  4. Found E.5.3 in manual. Now what is "ISC Jumper"? btw the car runs great, idles perfect, but have the E85 code. any help appreciated
  5. Can't get rid of error code E85. Throttle body and butterflys are spotless. I tried to follow the manual Diagnostic. How do you "Select PCM override E.5.3"?
  6. I use Rotella in my old cars (for the zinc - zddp) but have been told the zinc will destroy a cat converter. Any opinions or experience?
  7. I tried the distributor wrench, I can get one side with it. what is TB? consider me acronym challanged
  8. What has to come off to remove the egr valve? Or is there some special way to access the bolts? thanks
  9. I have this same issue. I took the pulley bolts out and the there is not enough room to get the pulley out? 93 Deville. Is there a trick to this?
  10. My car needs struts. Appears they have never been changed at 100k miles. I cannot find any aftermarket electronic control struts. Lots of conversions and non CCR struts. I can get several brands $60-80, gas shocks with the air boot. I am told the Caddy replacements are 300+ if you can find them. Any opinions on, is it worth it? Also, if I use the standard air strut, is there any other special requirements?
  11. I understand. Interesting. Can't say I would have ever thought to check that. thanks
  12. I just listened to your sound bite. I have a 93 Sedan Deville and about a month ago it started making the same sound. It is exactly like my car sound. I do not want to get rid of the car. If anyone has ideas, keep them comming. thanks
  13. Are the guides intended to "snap" together? It appears they should. When I fold them over the window, I can't get them to connect. Seems either I have the wrong part (looks just like the old) or perhaps a special tool is needed. Any hints? I leather punch works great, no magic, just force it.
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