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Have a couple of problems with my STS..


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First, the CD changer is having a hard time initializing and usually just quits with the result that the "source" button on the entertainment console doesn't recognize the CD changer. After reinserting the CD pack several times (15 or so) it eventually initializes, but this seems to be getting worse.

Secondly, the battery seems to be draining itself. I only drive it on the weekend, but last weekend it was dead and I had to jump it. After that it ran fine the whole weekend and the message center read "13.8 battery volts ok" so it looks like it's getting a charge. The battery is new as it did this a couple of months ago and I had the battery replaced since it was the original battery. I know some current is drawn when parked, but not enough to drain it in a week.

Any ideas?


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Definitely NOT normal. My '99 sits for at least 2 weeks, sometimes longer between starts....no problems. The battery on mine is at least 2 years old, maybe more.

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Keep in mind that just because the battery is new, it does not mean it is good, I have more than once replaced a battery only to discover (generally a few months later) that one or more cells are deffective. at 13.8 you are deffinatly getting charge, assuming you have checked for corrosion, my next thought would be to disconnect the battery the next time you let the car sit for a while, then reconnect when you are ready to go again...if the car starts then its safe to assume its current draw if it does not start, have the battery swapped while it is still under warranty. With a bad or weak cell, the battery could hold a charge for several days, and still restart the car, but over time the voltage will slowly start dropping off.

If you do the above test, I would recommend leaving the battery in the car, so that you have a minimal number of variables to consider (ie what the battery is surrounded by, temperature, etc)

Hope this helps


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