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windsheild washer motor not getting any power


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Okay so I have a 94 seville sts and im ashamed to say that I caused this problem my windsheild had some snow and ice on it and instead of getting out of the car and clearing it I tried to break the windshield wipers free under there own power big mistake. now they are dead, I check the ground wire with a volt meter and got a clear signal, checked the one 30 amp fuse in the trunk with a tester and it was good I then checked the maxi fuse under the hood and that was good. However when I checked the two plugs going into the motor they are recieving no power. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the winshield washer fluid is not coming out either if that helps at all.....

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Faulty switch? Did you check for power at the connectors with the switch turned ON? Sometimes the end of the washer tubes get plugged with surrounding ice.

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