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Should I buy a Cadillac Deville 1979


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Someone in my region is selling a Cadillac Deville 1979 , Black on Red Interior , 2 Door , 140,000KM , never winter driven (1 owner) , rust treatment every year , 425 engine and alarm system installed + black tinted windows

he's asking 4900$ CDN. I might be able to deal the price down.

I live in Canada,Quebec and i'm wondering if it's a reliable car for daily driver.

I suppose this car sucks a lot of gas?

any info would be appreciated. I don't want to make a bad purchase

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If you are going for fuel economy, this is not the car for you. Also keep in mind that this car is 25 years old. Why not go for something newer from Caddy? There are deals to be had on newer used Caddy's.



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Concur -- I would only purchase this car for that price if you are interested in a classic car -- and many of us are. If you're just looking for a daily driver and happened on that ad, I might be inclined to try something a bit newer than that.

Having said that, it should be basically reliable -- the basic technology in that car is decades old (even when it was built) and well proven. I don't think that model had any sort of fuel injection...I may be wrong though. If it's carbureted, it's probably a pretty simple car (GM didn't install computer control, on carbureted cars, until 1980/1981 MY). If you are interested in that particular body style and like the car, I'd say it should be a pretty nice ride for you.

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

"When you turn your car on...does it return the favor?"

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DO NOT BUY THAT CAR!!! That car is for collectors, not drivers. Buy a newer Cadillac. It will be MUCH MUCH better for you in the end, in so many ways, one can not contemplate (unless you own an '86, '93, and '97 Sevilles like I do). :D


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As the former owner of a 1979 Sedan (passed down to me from my father) which I thoroughly enjoyed driving, plenty of power from the 425 four barrel...it was the nuts.

I agree with the previous members to look for something newer (my being partial to the 93 Sedan). The 79's rear-wheel drive in your neck of the woods...let's say it'll be an adventure. Last but not least, if you own a gas station - go ahead and buy it. You'll be amazed how fast that needle goes to E. The 13 MPG city performance will be a burden given the high fuel prices in Canada.

In closing, when I had that baby waxed -up, whitewalls gleaming and the spokies sparkling...it was truly a pleasure to cruise around in.

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