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In three years, I've had to change the passenger side brake light three times. Don't remember having to change a brake light so much with my past cars. On the other hand, not sure if three times in three year is excessive. Of course, I'm not sure how long I've been driving with the light out. Today when I change it, I'll be checking it more often. Next time I take to the dealer (still under warranty), I'll have them check it. Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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For a while I repaced my rear bulb often until I cleaned, tightened the contacts and used dielectric grease on the contacts

Pre-1995 - DTC codes OBD1  >>

1996 and newer - DTC codes OBD2 >> https://www.obd-codes.com/trouble_codes/gm/obd_codes.htm

How to check for codes Caddyinfo How To Technical Archive >> http://www.caddyinfo.com/wordpress/cadillac-how-to-faq/

Cadillac History & Specifications Year by Year  http://www.motorera.com/cadillac/index.htm

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