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Got my first CTS in march and i wanna mod it, any ideas

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What is your goal for the CTS? Do you want it to be quicker/faster? Do you want it to be a show car? Do you want it to be max luxury/gear?

How much do you want to spend?


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I do not know where you live, but we just bought a new 2010 Sport Wagon and even though it is not AWD, we opted to get four new snow tires and went bigger and they look great. 235/55 x 17s are stock and we upped them by one size on front and two in back plus we went to 60 series in the back. Now, the car does well in the snow and the wider tires give the aluminum wheels a bit more protection from curb scuffs. Also, by going bigger and taller in the rear, the car is now always going downhill, so gets better gas mileage......... ;-)

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