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chrome molding on driver's side window

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I have a 1995 cadillac concours 4dr sedan and while handwashing the car I noticed the chrome moulding on the driver's side is loose. It didn't come all the way off but it does lift up. It seems like I could press down and lock it into place but that doesn't work. Is there a pin or something that locks it into place and if so, where can I purchase one?

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are you talking about the one at the base of the window or the one toward the bottom of the door?

Just a hunch I would say you are asking about the one at the base of the window, and If it is I would also really like to know a solution to this because I see it all the time on the Devilles, once it pops up, it just never stays dowm.

Knock on wood mine have not had any issues


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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