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scott y

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All I can say is when I had my 96 ETC it had a blown headgasket and Why I dont know but I decided to get on the highway for a short trip, about 40 miles total, Needless to say I made it there and back without blowing the engine. I had started to go uphill and the coolant temp rose fast and all of the warnings came on. The exhaust was pouring into the cooling system and overpressurizing the system.

needless to say I knew beforehand that the car was in very poor condition and knew it had the limp home mode, So I drove it to my destination and all the way back home. (what was the worst that could happen, blow a damaged engine). I had no power but the car never stalled or broke down. I couldnt go any faster than 45mph and the pedal had to be held down almost the whole trip. No message for the mode came up but I can say for sure about 30 seconds after the stop engine warning message comes on and the trip is continued.

OOnce I got the car home the next day I refilled the system with coolant and as long as I stayed city driving it ran great.

Only in a cadillac.

All I can say is dont harp on me for doing this to a cadillac, because The car was shot, trans issue, suspension, headgasket, and body damage. It was owned by a lawyer/farmer and he drove it till it was all messed up and parked it in the barn


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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