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98 eldo exp 113 ..warning dont exceed 145km's


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I bought this 98 eldo last week and it's like new. I noticed this after a day or 2,but dont find anything out of order .It may ride a tad stiff or maybe I imagine it as this code is suposed to involve suspention. I'm never going to drive at 145k so it may not matter ,but I would like to know more about this problem.


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Well I am going to guess that you have either service ride control indicator, ABS, and or traction control lights on. Pretty much there is a malfunction in the drivetrain or suspension and is performing a safety precaution. What you need to do first is pull your codes by pressing the climate control off button and th heater warmer buttons at the same time and wait for the codes to cycle. That is how we will get a better idea


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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