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Low side temperature circut


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I have 1995 ETC and just replaced the A/C compressor, seals and o-rings, orifice tube, drier, and in line filter. Then I had my system charged by a local A/C guy for $100. The system ran fine with no leaks but he said my low side temp sensor is not working and showing A012 on the DTC. Apparently this low value of 37 won't allow the A/C to engage. Of course, the only way to correct this is to evacuate the system and replace the sensor ($34) then recharge...another $100! He mentioned that there might be a way to fool the sensor using resistors. Does anyone know how this is done? Can this sensor be bypassed?

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Forget about attempting to cheat the sensor. It is there to protect the compressor in the event that the refrigerant leaks down enough as to not circulate the oil.

The shop should have changed the sensor while the system was empty. Why is he charging you another $100 to evacuate and recharge the system? They can recycle the refrigerant and the labor is minimal to R&R the sensor. The shop should work with you on this...if not, go to a different shop.

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