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Replacing Evaporator Core on 97 DeVille

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I have a 97 Deville D'Elegance with approximately 145k miles. The A/C leaks and has to be recharged every few weeks, works fine otherwise. I've had it professoinally checked, sniffed, dyed, etc. and nobody can find a leak. I've been told by a Cadillac Parts Manager that these cars are somewhat notorious for leaky evaporator cores. The GM shop manual says that to replace the evaporator core you must first remove the engine to gain access. Is there any way around this? I've heard that removing the exhaust manifold on the back side will give enough clearance, but that doesn't look like fun either. Can it be removed from the Dashboard side? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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I'd need to look at the shop manual but I don't think you need to pull the engine. The subframe would probably need to be lowered to gain access. I would not replace the evaporator unless I was absolutely positive it was leaking as it is a major PITA of a job. Just a hunch from the dealer would not be enough to convince me... I don't believe any of the members on this board have had issues with their evaporators.

I test evaporators two ways - if the system has dye in it, the condensate draining from the evaporator drain will have dye in it that will show up with a UV light. The other way is to run the system for a few minutes and the shut it down. While seated inside the car with the windows closed, insert the probe of an electronic leak detector down the center dash A/C vent. If the evaporator is leaking, the leak detector will sound off.

A somewhat common issue with the HR-6/HD-6 compressor is over time, the case seals leak. Check the compressor body for oily/greasy residue. Shine a UV light on it and see if you can pick up the glow of the dye.

Check all the lines and the condenser for evidence of leakage - oily residue and report back.

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