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fair price for brake job?


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hey guys. My 2k deville very much needs a brake job. when braking it has a good bit of vibration or hop so im thinking pads and turning the rotters. what would be a fair price est for this? est for both dealer and normal mech brake shop. also i'll prob buy my own pads or insist on a good brand so...whats a good brand to use? AC delco? should i invest in some of the higher end type pads like ceramic? thx in advance. Also would you guys recomend a place like Midas tire and brake center?

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You may just need the rotors lightly surfaced. Sometimes parking while the brakes are hot leaves "fingerprints" where the pads rest on the calipers and these become rough spots. Have it looked at before you sign up to a full brake job.

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Your car, like mine, probably has the little electric sensors in the pads to tell the computer when the pads are shot. This limits the number of brands of pads that you can use as most aftermarket suppliers do not offer the "electronic" sensor with their pads. The sensors can be reused BUT only if they haven't triggered a computer message Once the computer displays "replace brake pads" one of the sensors has been "consummed"

I run Monroe pads (that came COMPLETE WITH the sensor) that I got for <$40 at RockAuto. The dealer wanted over $200 for a par with the sensors.

This job is not that difficult that most people could do it them selves. Once the wheel is off its just a couple of 13mm bolts and a C-Clap to seat the front piston or a $12 "cube" tool to seat the rear. The rotors on these cars are not all that thick and will not take more then one light turning before the need to be replaced. Given that you can buy a new Rear rotor for about $25 and new front one for around $35. I wouldn't spend too much having they "turned".

I would avoid "quickie" brake shops, If you have a trusted mechanic, have him do it.


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