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No 1st gear and abs & traction lights are on!


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99 DeVille, 111,000 miles. The abs & traction control lights are on and I lost first gear. The codes are

PCM: P0741 History

P1520 "




TCS: C1243 History


IRC: U1255 History


What do you think the problem is?

Thanks in advance,


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Took it for a 15 mile ride and went to the store. When I got back in the car the lights were out and first gear was back. Did it today again. Cold the lights are on and no first but after a shut down and restart after warm all is good. The new codes were P0741 and C1243 and the SES light is on too. No other problems!

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Your P0741 is causing the SES lamp.

Easiest (and first) thing to check is the brake pedal switch or switches. Look for damaged wire and correct pedal-to-barrel gap.

Your C1243 is a 'Brake Pessure Modulator Valve pump motor' code. Easiest (first) check is to locate and examine the fuses labeled "ABS MOT" (40 amp) and "ABS SOL" (30A). On a Seville, these fuses are in the underhood junction box.

The C1243 should also cause the ABS warning and SERVICE STABILITY SYS message.

Someone with Deville diagrams might jump in here.....


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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Thanks, I will check it out tonight. I pulled the mini fuses and cleaned them and the strange part is it seems to be happening only when I first drive it cold and after it warms up it doesn't do it for the rest of the day!

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Did you carefully check the fluid level in the master cylinder? A low fluid level will set the restraints you speak of. There are two resevoirs and the fluid level would naturally be lower when cold, gradually expanding as you use the brakes. Do not go by the mud line on the plastic chamber! I always jiggle the car until I can see the fluid move.

Jim in Phoenix

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Jim, Now that you mention it I just looked at the master from the outside and it looks to be half full. I will check it tonight and add some fluid. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks!

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