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I have a 97 deville 86,000 miles while out driving high coolant temp came on the message board it was 262 degrees then it said engine overheating so I pulled over and shut it off so it can cool down I get out and there is antifreeze everywhere I let the cool off and poured water in there so I could make it back home i check the hoses thinking they were lose the antifreeze must have came out from the back up line I am thinking and hoping its the thermostat that can anybody please let me no what they think

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If it did not leak when you put the water in, you probably dont have any serious leaks, it probably blew out the overflow past the cap

You should change the thermostat now regardless, when you overheat like that. When you pull the old one, look closely at the moving shaft to see if you see wear or rubbing areas, that is where it binds as it ages.

Check your water pump belt and tensioner

NEVER use water again unless its a dire emergency, because its going to be hard for you to get a 50/50 mix of coolant to water now. you want at least 50 percent coolant.

let us know what happens with the thermostat, you might change the cap also if it looks aged

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