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2003 Seville

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I am looking at a 2003 Seville with 75,000 miles. I need a car to travel from Northern Arkansas to South Louisiana, a 627 mile one way trip. I will be making the round trip twice a month and want a car that offers comfort, decent fuel mileage and front wheel drive and traction control to deal with possible winter/mountain driving conditions. Will a 2003 Seville perform in this role? Are there any items on a used Seville that I need to look for that may cause me problems? Do these cars handle well in snow and ice? I own a 2009 Mustang GT/CS convertible, 09 F150 FX-2 Sport truck and 86 ElCamino. None of these vehicles are gonna be ideal for my travel to Louisiana and back, I plan to keep my other cars but thought a Cadillac would provide the comfort I'll need for this long commute. Any thoughts will be appreciated. Thanks, from a soon to be Cadillac Owner!

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Firt and foremost, you are looking at an eight year old car. Unless you have access to the complete service history there could be some mechanical timebombs ticking away.

That said, a Seville is a very comfortable capable car under all the conditions you described. I have spent time in MI over the Christmas - New Year period and never had difficulty navigating snow covered ice packed rodes. Some drivers find the suspension a little too firm for hour after hour on the Interstate but those folks really should be driving a Deville.

My daily driver is a '98 Seville and we have been a team for close to 13 years and 198,500 miles. The car has yet to leave me on the side of the road.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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Sounds like a nice car. I would have the cooling system checked for combustion gasses before you buy it. That way you can be assured the headgaskets are intact and not starting to go out.

Check the car for trouble codes and post them here - that will give another clue if any trouble is brewing.

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'05 Deville
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