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CTS-V Telescopic Steering Column Retrofit

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Hi all, I've got my eyes set on a CTS-V as my next car and have been researching them. I have driven two and both times I really had trouble getting into a comfortable driving position due to the steering wheel being tilt only (no telescope feature). I have a few ideas to fix this, please let me know if anyone has tried these or other ideas.

Retrofit 05-07 Cadillac STS steering column w/electronic tilt/telescope feature.

- The steering wheel is the same, except some have heat, but I would probably keep the CTS-V steering wheel. main thing is the will the column fit? Can I get the electronic tilt/telescope to work? From what I've seen the steering columns look similar, but I would need a good schematic to know for sure. Can anyone help?

Steering wheel spacer

- Does anyone know of a manufacturer for this? Would need to be about 1-2" and would be nice to fill gap so it doesn't look weird.

Modify clutch pedal to be 1-2" lower (closer to firewall) The main issue is that my left knee hits the steering wheel when the clutch pedal is out, plus the travel seems to be excessive anyway. The CTS-V has no adjustment for this, but the local Clutch Doctors said this is a common mod they do and charge $300 max for a custom, adjustable clutch pedal rod.

Any other ideas? Please don't tell me, "Get a different car!" This is the only reservation I have for buying a CTS-V and I enjoy customizing cars and look at this as a chance to improve a great car. Just think how great of a feature the electronic tilt/telescope steering column would be on this car. I think it should have come that way from the factory, just like the STS (see pictures).






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Physical fit may be easier than adding it to the wiring harness. This is certainly an interesting project; please post updates as you go!


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