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serpintine belt

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Hi All,

I have a 94 STS today my serpintine belt sliped off. Can anybody give a reason why that would happen. One thing for sure, every day when i start the car, the belt would whine until the temperature would reach 200-degrees. I started spraying silicone on the belt and the pulley to stop the whine. Do you think the silicone spray caused the belt to come off? I brought a new belt and will try to put it on tomorrow. Any suggestions would help

Thanks All :blink:

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first - hide the silicon spray so that you could never find it again! :lol:

clean the surfaces which directly contact the belt with rubbing alcohol. Inspect and lubricate (the axis not the belt driving surfaces) tensioner, pulleys etc. Put new belt, do not marinade it in motor oil! :D

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