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Trunk emblem ornament


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I'm new to this forum but have owned my 1991 Seville for over 7 years now and it's been generally fault free,which is good news as most mechanics in the UK are very reluctant to touch any American cars at all-they seem to think they come from another planet!!

When I closed my trunk yesterday the emblem ornament that covers the lock literally fell off!! I replaced this about 2 years ago as the other one was damaged-my problem is that I'm not sure if it is actually broken or has just worked loose and can be refitted again?? I can't go to the mechanic who originally fitted it as his business has closed down but I know he had quite a problem fitting it as he had problems accessing it from the trunk lid.

The emblem/cover still opens and closes perfectly and there is a rivet type screw in two of the corners but why would it fall out in the first place-has it worked loose or has it snapped off??

Sorry but I'm not good mechanically and hope someone can tell me how this should be fitted-does it screw onto something or what??



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Usually those emblems are pop-riveted to the trunk with 3/16" dia. pop rivets. Not sure why it would have worked loose - maybe too short of rivets were used when it was replaced the last time?

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