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I pulled the Eldo into the garage this afternoon after a hour of running around.

Shut it off and decided to make a note to come back in about 10 minutes and

check the oil. Checked the oil(no noise) and went to paint the front storm door.

Came back into the garage and there is a humming coming from the car.

The key is off but a fan is running. When I parked , the air was still engaged, but now flow is coming from underneath. I should have opened the hood first to locate,

but I started the motor and then shut it off and the fan(motor) stayed off.

No codes. Any thoughts? If it were to do that for any length of time I'm sure the battery would suffer.(and die)


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Don't panic. It sounds like what you are hearing is the "After blow" mode. When you have the A/C on pior to shutting off the car and certain perameters are met the blower will come on for a minute or two every so often for I think the first hour to dry out the evaporator. This is set up mostly in hot humid climates to prevent mildew groth on the evaperator. It's not likely to drain the battery and it can be deprogrammed. Do a search for "Afterblow". If you don't find it, it may be in the old board archives.

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