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Rear Brakes


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My rear brakes on my 95 Deville needs to be replaced, I pulled the back wheel off

and noticed that there was a bold with a head on it on the bottom of the caliper, the top

had a bolt or pin with no head to turn? I tried to loosen the bottom pin to no avail. Does

anyone have a suggestion on taking the bottom bolt off. Thanks

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Remove the bolt and the caliper will pivot clear of the rotor.

The caliper piston must be turned CW to retract into the cylinder.


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thats riight. I actually like this setup alot. All you do is take out the lower bolt, swing the caliper out past the caliper and slide it back an off.

Now bear in mind you will have to free up the slide if it is stuck as it will not come off easy


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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