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I presume that you are getting one or more of these OBD II codes:

P0740 TCC Enable Solenoid Circuit Electrical

P0741 TCC System Stuck Off

P0742 TCC System Stuck On

P0743 TCC Enable Solenoid Circuit Electrical

If you haven't read the codes yourself, please do so and post them here. The instructions are in a page that is linked to in my signature block. Please write then all down and post them here.

If you do have a P0741 CURRENT and everything else seems OK (transmission fluid level, color, etc.) and the wiring and connectors check out, there are posts here on changing the TCC and shift solenoids. I would consider simply having the transmission serviced, depending on the history of the car.

-- Click Here for CaddyInfo page on "How To" Read Your OBD Codes
-- Click Here for my personal page to download my OBD code list as an Excel file, plus other Cadillac data
-- See my CaddyInfo car blogs: 2011 CTS-V, 1997 ETC
Yes, I was Jims_97_ETC before I changed cars.

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