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New 19" all weather wheel/tire package for CTS Family

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DETROIT – Cadillac will offer on the 2011 CTS Sport Sedan and CTS Sport Wagon a new 19-inch all-season tire and wheel package that uses carbon fiber in the tire’s sidewall to provide responsive handling in a range of conditions. Previously, the 19-inch wheels were only available with summer tires on these models.

The 19-inch Goodyear Eagle RS-A2 all-season tire is available on the 3.6-L V6 performance and premium models of the 2011 CTS Sport Sedan and CTS Sport Wagon, which started arriving in dealerships this month. The new 19-inch wheel and all-season tire option has a suggested retail price of $850 over the standard 18-inch wheel.

Cadillac moved to the 19-inch all-season tire to meet the needs of consumers who like the look of a larger wheel but want the versatility of an all-season tire. Summer tires improve traction in warm weather but need to be changed to winter tires during cold weather.

Cadillac engineers tuned the suspension on the 2011 CTS so that performance was maintained while moving to an all-season tire, said Rick Kewley, CTS vehicle performance manager. “We wanted to expand the audience for the great-looking 19-inch wheel and retain the characteristic ride and handling feel of the CTS,” Kewley said. “The new package delivers on performance.”

Goodyear’s new Eagle RS-A2 builds upon a continuing strong Eagle high-performance tire line. The tire features a carbon fiber-reinforced sidewall to help support the outer sidewall to keep more rubber on the road for enhanced cornering and maneuvering. The Eagle RS-A2 also has an asymmetric tread design that enhances traction and cornering and creates a quieter ride.


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