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2005 Deville Special Edition Grille


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Thinking about ordering this and putting it on my dark grey DHS. I think it will look really nice, and its reasonably priced especially compared to some of the other grilles like the E&G ones. Seen pictures of other devilles with this grille and they usually look great, but I havent seen one on my color of car. Also wondering how easy the installation is and if I can easily mount it on the existing bezel or get a new one. Has anybody seen a deville with this grille in person?

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I'm not sure how this would mount on the car - the original grille has the body colored plastic that is heat staked to the chrome grille. Somehow, the existing plastic from your car would need to be transferred to the "new" grille. I would ask the seller if he can send you any installation instructions to be sure what you may be getting into.

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