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I drove the '96 Seville yesterday and the SERVICE - EMMISSIONS SYSTEM message displayed on the DIC so I pulled the codes.

PC 0138 CURRENT - HO2S circuit high voltage bank 1 sensor 2 (Pre-converter sensor)

PC 0151 CURRENT - HO2S Circuit low voltage bank 2 sensor 1 (sensor on front exhaust manifold)

PC 0154 HISTORY - Insufficient activity bank 2 sensor 1 (sensor on front exhaust manifold) This code was current a week ago.

PC 0174H Fuel trim system lean bank 2

I'm thinking the oxygen sensor on the front exhaust manifold is starting to act flakey. I'll have a look tonight to see if any wiring connections are loose or touching anything as well as clean all the fuse contacts in the underhood fuse panel. A flakey O2S on the front manifold might explain the PC 0151, 154 and 174 codes but not the 0138 code.

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