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BurnOut Radio: Burnout Radio Episode 84 – Nick Gets A Ticket… In A Hybrid

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fusions-300x168.jpgYou read it correctly. We’ve managed to put thousands of miles on high performance hot rods, Mustangs, Camaros, Corvettes, Z’s and CTS-V’s, yet when we review a Hybird, possible the slowest car we’ve ever reviewed, guess who scores Burnout Radio’s first ticket in a press car. None other than the one and only Nick Malone.

After we finish poking fun at Nick’s misfortune, we get down to the business of deciding which one of these two Ford Fusions is the bomb digitty. You see we’re not reviewing just one Ford Fusions, but two… The aforementioned Fusion Hybrid, which in our opinion is the best Hybrid on sale in the U.S., and the Ford Fusion Sport, the only American mid-sized sports sedan on sale in the U.S.

So with out further ado we present you with a bit of Spy vs Spy, Burnout Radio style.

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